Indoor Flooring Options with Resurfaced Crushed Granite

Resurfacing indoor flooring is a cost-effective and great alternative to new carpet, new wood floors, or even polished concrete.You’re looking at new flooring options for your home. You could replace existing carpet, but the issue with carpet are the dreaded stains. Once you have carpet stains, you are often just stuck with them. Carpet cleaning can only do so much, especially with deep stains. Wood flooring is always an option, but wood can deteriorate over time. What if you could have a

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Increase the Value of Your Home – Flooring, Walls, and Fireplaces

white limestone fireplace

In our series on how to increase the value of your home, we’ve covered outdoor living spaces, kitchens, and homefront remodeling options via stone resurfacing. Now lets take a look at upgrades to your indoor areas such as floors, walls, and fireplaces. Flooring Remodeling IdeasAre your wood floors or carpet getting dated, or have they been ruined over time? You may look at traditional replacement, which can become extremely costly. Instead of that approach, look at remodeling options via

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