Patio Remodel Ideas – How to Update Your Patio for Summer

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Here’s a hint: stone overlays.

With summer nearly here, you might be looking at your patio wondering why you haven’t already upgraded it. After all, summer is for spending weekends entertaining around the pool, outdoor lunches, and patio picnics.

If yours is looking drab, you probably won’t feel so confident inviting the neighbors over for a BBQ or hosting a pool party with friends and family.

The good news is, it’s not too late! Instead of spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time on a messy tear-out, simply opt for a patio remodel with stone overlays. Less mess, less fuss, more getting long-lasting use out of your newly renovated patio!

The Beauty of Flagstone

Photo by Andy Lee on Unsplash

Plain concrete is simply drab and can make your home look unfinished. Plus, everyone and their grandmother has a pebbled surface.

What you’re looking for is a way to stand out among the crowd. When guests come over, you don’t want to hear pleasant but meaningless niceties thinly veiling the thought of, “As if I haven’t seen this a thousand times before…”

No. What you want is a unique space perfectly fitting your vision, your home, and your personality.

Enter flagstone, easily the best material for patios, driveways, pool decks, and just about any other surface! With its natural, organic look, hand-cut pieces, carefully measured patterns and earthy colors, flagstone patios are the perfect solution for your outdoor renovations. Best of all, water will permeate rather than run off and cause you to slip.

Spoiled for Choice

Photo by Lindsay Lyon on Unsplash

One of the many beauties of the flagstone patio is there are so many different options to choose from.

At Cre8stone, we’re especially fond of our unique limestone and quartz blend. Many competitors throughout our 40 years have attempted to copy our mixture without success.

Most fail because they use core materials of inconsistent quality. At Cre8stone, however, we leverage our superior experience to creating the perfect solution for our customers – no matter what the design, color, or finish you’re looking for!

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If you thought patios were meant to all look the same, then allow us to change your mind with these ideas for an updated summer look:

  • Rectangular stones for a smooth, formal look without using a cookie cutter pattern
  • Smaller patterns for smaller areas, highlighting the detailing
  • Larger jigsaw stone overlays for larger areas
  • Traditional marbling with a personal touch in your choice of pattern and color
  • Large, medium, or even small marbleized squaring
  • Mix-and-match of stone shapes and colors for an irregular pattern with a more casual, organic appearance that lets your personal choice of design speak for itself
  • Diamond patterning for a more formal, cohesive look
  • Detailed edges and area dividers for a fun, punchy, yet sophisticated appearance

Want to know a secret?

That’s not nearly the end of the list! Your imagination, coupled with our ingenuity and expertise, is (almost) the limit.

Simple, Elegant, Affordable – and Quick

Photo by Cre8stone

We know what you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but I can’t afford to renovate my patio unless I mortgage my house – which I really don’t want to do.”

You might even be thinking something like not having weeks to spend waiting for your drab concrete patio to be torn out so a new one can be laid. After all, summer really is just around the corner, and you want to host a pool party or BBQ as soon as possible, right?

Well, don’t give up on your dreams of a simple, elegant new patio with a gorgeous textured quartz or limestone overlay just yet. Because the best part is, it won’t cost nearly as much as you think!

Photo by Cre8stone

Plus, as mentioned earlier, there’s no messy, lengthy process of tearing anything up and waiting for the new foundation to set before we can overlay your patio. All of our work can be done on top of your existing surface, no matter what it’s made of. This means less time, less fuss, and a whole lot less mess to deal with.

So just how long will it take?

Short answer – once you explain your vision to our experts and we manufacture the flagstone to your order, it’ll only take a few days to complete!

After all: we’re not talking about construction. This is resurfacing.

At this point, you probably realize a limestone or textured quartz patio isn’t only the best option for you – it’s the only option that makes sense. So why wait? Contact us today!

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  1. Jarom Linton on March 2, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    It’s great to know that flagstone is usually the best choice for any sort of stonework that you can do in the yard. My parents are renovating the back of their home this summer to add a patio and balcony off their bedroom. I’ll share your article with them soon so that they can have some more ideas when it comes to their design.

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