Limestone and Quartz Resurfacing – Living Art

Beyond a cozy and comfortable living space, there are two important facets to a wonderful home – beauty and value. And the former often translates into the latter. With limestone and quartz overlay applications, companies like Cre8stone are on the cutting edge of “re-work”, rather than redesign, providing beauty and increased value, at a fraction of the price of remodeling.
Rather than expensive construction, messy tear-out, and long build times, resurfacing with quartz is limestone are truly a revolutionary approach to vastly improving the look of home surfaces of all types literally applying true stone over existing structures. Lets’ explore the three types of resurfacing methods:
Limestone Overlay – exterior walls, a fireplace, and staircase walls as a few examples. A true heavy-stone look.
Textured Quartz Overlay – home flooring, patios, resistant stone, tile work. The luxury look of textured stone.
Fine Quartz Overly – alternative flooring options, kitchen backsplashes, showers, countertops, and more – each with vast color options. Every quartz overlay is unique in color and feel – to your complete satisfaction.

When you want your home to shine, stand out, become a living and breathing work of art – look to low-cost limestone and quartz resurfacing options like those that Cre8stone offers. Not only will you fall in love with the results, your home will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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