Increase the Value of Your Home – Curb Appeal

Exterior remodeling the outside of your home is easier and more cost-effective than you can possibly imagine …
In our last post, we covered upgrading the look of your kitchen – the best upgrade you should start with to increase the value of your home. Now, let’s look at upgrading the outside of your house. Don’t worry, even major changes to your home’s curb appeal are easy options with limestone resurfacing techniques. Low cost. No messy “tear out.”
You have so many options when remodeling the outside of your home. What part of the exterior do you want to upgrade? What are your options? Where do you start? Great questions.
Redecorating the face of the home itself it the perfect place to start. Let’s explore some homefront remodeling examples:

Transform your home from “ok”  to “WOW!” with a refresh so beautiful that it will look like a brand new home:

Resurfacing the exterior of your home is not only cost effective (to the tune of 50% less than using traditional stone), you will have a renewed sense of pride. Lets look at another example of a home with custom limestone remodeling techniques:

The existing archway entrance to this house is already beautiful, but a bit dated. Below is an example of a truly simple limestone remodeling upgrade:

Yes, believe it or not, this is the image above is the exact same home! A night and day remodel transformation, with no messy “tear out” whatsoever. And the great part – the type of limestone application used was implemented in the fraction of time compared to brick upgrades.
What about exterior applications beyond homefronts? Take your slab driveway and create a head-turning masterpiece:

The driveway above was originally “drab slab.” A traditional concrete driveway. Imagine the curb appeal upgrade with something simple as upgrading a driveway slab. In the example above, you choose the color options, and you choose the carving methods that meet your dreams. Yes, something as simple as a driveway upgrade will turn heads and instantly increase the value of your home.
Outside street-facing remodeling options to your home using resurfacing techniques are endless. And all above the examples are quick to implement, and obviously make all the difference in the world. True night and day home remodeling upgrades, at a fraction of the traditional upgrade approach.
In our next blog, we will explore patio and pool before and after transformations – another cost-effective way to increase the value of your home with unbelievable remodeling options!

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