Designer Fireplaces: Don’t Remodel, Resurface

You detest the look of the stock fireplace in your new home, or the one that you’ve lived in for years… it’s time to upgrade.
When it comes to a new fireplace, you have two options – 1) Remodel, or 2) Resurface. Which is right for you? What if you could have a stunning new fireplace without tearing out your existing ones? Do you want to wait days for the installation to be completed?
Forget traditional tear-out remodeling – enter fireplace limestone resurfacing. Limestone resurfacing is applied over your existing brick fireplace surfaces. You choose whether you want an updated brick look, or a creatively carved stone look. The best part – you get to pick the color and the finish. Not to mention that each overlay is completely unique from all other installations. That’s right – you’re about to be the envy of your visitors.

The above image of a custom fireplace demonstrates a hand-carved custom fireplace that was upgraded with creative limestone resurfacing. Every facet of the application is hand-applied, and hand-carved. Let’s look at another example – a very elaborate example of a fireplace that extends outside the surrounding walls:

A stunning piece of interior artwork . . . jealous yet? That’s the freedom of resurfacing – the possibilities are extremely cost effective compared to traditional remodeling. Let’s look at a few more creative examples of limestone resurfacing:

Hand-carved limestone overlay techniques applied on fireplaces allow you to think outside the box. The actual design, including custom mantles are completely up to your vision.

The image above not only demonstrates a custom fireplace with applied limestone overlay – it shows just how these creative hand-carved overlays can be. Can you imagine the time and cost of having this upgrade done with a “traditional” rock installation? At Cre8stone, we say this over and over, but it’s worth repeating – the design options are infinite.
What if you want to take your outdoor living area to a whole new level of beauty? The example below is a perfect example of an extremely creative overlay technique.

Indeed, you can have an upgrade in your outdoor living space that is beyond beautiful. Imagine sitting in front of the fire, relaxing on a cool Autumn day. This isn’t an upgrade – this is art. Limestone overlays are your solution to a custom remodeling project, at a significantly lower price than traditional approaches. And remember, we’re also talking about a fraction of the installation time in comparison to the remodeling options that have been offered in the past. With no tear-out, this upgrade approach is a true “win-win.”Cre8stone would love to help you bring your dreams to reality. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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