Cre8stone Limestone Resurfacing – Who We Are and How We Do It

Let’s (re)introduce ourselves . . . Cre8stone is your non-traditional home and commercial remodeling partner. Generally, when property owners think “remodeling,” they think about high costs, the time it takes to change the look of a / any surface, and the unsightly construction that goes along with all projects. Cre8stone takes a very unique approach:

No Tear Out

When it comes to remodeling, we don’t do “tear out” work.  This is a key differentiator between Cre8 and a traditional contractor.  We have mastered the art of “no tear out” by approaching all of our projects with the overlay of limestone (and granite, depending on the application) directly over existing surfaces.  Floors, stucco, brick, pathways – you name it, we resurface it.  Residential and commercial resurfacing *is* true stone remodeling.  Crushed limestone added to any surface, carved and colored to match your style.

Affordable Remodeling

Limestone and granite resurfacing in either home or commercial applications is roughly 2/3 the cost of traditional remodeling.  Quality work, backed by a solid warranty, at literally a fraction of the cost of historical design implementations.

Clean and Fast Construction

Let’s face it – traditional “construction” is an eyesore – no way around it.  Bricks ripped out, pallets of materials on display for the world to see, and let’s face it – an overall trashy experience.  Since we literally do no tear out upgrades, there’s not much to see – beyond the magic behind our design approach.  Our footprint during design engagements is minimal.  Small amounts of equipment, inside or outside of your location, no massive steel containers for refuse, and very little amounts of hand tools.  But another significant time to an eyesore is the actual time of the remodeling itself.  Our quality jobs are measured in days, not weeks.  Think of it as near-instant gratification.  Who wants to wait for beauty?

The video below illustrates our approach to a home fireplace remodeling project as one simple example as to how we refine existing surfaces in a quick and expedient manner – to your exact color and carving specifications.

You have questions, and we have answers.  Let’s partner to take your vision of remodeling a reality – and not a scary nor expensive one! 

Contact Cre8stone today at 972-237-9616 to have all of your residential / commercials questions answered, and set up a completely free and no-obligation bid on your projects.

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