Increase the Value of Your Home – Bathroom Beauty

In our series on how to increase the value of your home, we’ve covered a lot of ground – outdoor living spaces,kitchens,home-front remodeling,and interior upgrade options via stone resurfacing. In our final topic in the series, we’re going to close with another array of high-value low-cost bathroom remodeling designs.
By far, the most utilized area within your bathrooms are the sink counters. No matter if you are in a new home or an older one, your bathroom(s) can be drastically transformed with strikingly beautiful manner utilizing applied stone.
Polished quartz with subtle wall applications are a great way to begin your bathroom transformation:

Not only can the countertop and wall applications can be put into place, the actual sink basins themselves can utilize the same polished stone approach for a beautiful new look:

Taking a giant leap forward in bathroom enhancements utilizing applied stone, the options are endless. In the following example, counters, walls, and flooring breathe new life to an entire bath space:

Of course, stand-alone bathtubs can be another centerpiece of your bath areas, and your out of date tub can easily be changed into a work of art:

In the following example, note the surrounding hand carved limestone application treatment around the window adjacent to the tub to compliment the top and side areas themselves for an exquisite cohesive design approach:

The next example demonstrates a tub with revamped surrounding countertops, wall applications, and flooring upgrades – illustrating that multiple options and the approach to different areas can truly revamp any bath area into a truly brilliant and impressive space:

Lastly, enclosed shower areas can have a redesigned stone approach, or a mix of limestone and polished quartz (including exterior trim), for a mixed look that compliment each other:

To close our series on interior and exterior remodeling, let’s review the benefits to raise the value of your home:
  • Real stone – limestone and / or quartz.
  • Created by hand and hand carved to your vision.
  • No tear-out like traditional brick, or marble applications.
  • You define the color(s) in any area. A single color, or a blend, there is no design limit.
  • No two applied stone applications look alike. Your remodeling project will literally look like no other.
  • Low-cost compared to traditional remodeling. Up to 50% savings realized depending on the application.  

Cre8stone hopes you’ve found this series valuable when looking at your remodeling options anywhere inside or outside of your home!

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