Indoor Flooring Options with Resurfaced Crushed Granite

Resurfacing indoor flooring is a cost-effective and great alternative to new carpet, new wood floors, or even polished concrete.
You’re looking at new flooring options for your home. You could replace existing carpet, but the issue with carpet are the dreaded stains. Once you have carpet stains, you are often just stuck with them. Carpet cleaning can only do so much, especially with deep stains. Wood flooring is always an option, but wood can deteriorate over time. What if you could have a solution that can literally last a lifetime? Enter granite resurfacing.

The example above demonstrates a simple resurfacing solution – a completely flat and polished custom color finish. As you can see, the new flooring approach brings a cohesiveness to the entire room. With this approach, let’s go ahead and address spills. If you have a spill on a resurfaced floor, simply wipe it up. Nothing is there to seep into a surface. That’s right – the days of expensive carpet cleaning, or ruined wood, are over.

You may be interested in the look of wood floors but don’t want to deal with the upkeep, and damage over time. The image above demonstrates a very unique approach to a wood floor approach. Again, resurfacing flooring – a lifetime solution compared to wood floors. The example above is another resurfacing approach! This flooring was created to look just like wood floors, but as mentioned below, upkeep is gone, and degradation is an issue never encountered again. If you spill red wine on this surface, not to worry – simply wipe it up. A wood-floor overlay is designed to have the exact same look as actual wood, and the color mix is in place to your exact specifications.

Above is another example of a wood-plank look, at a much lower cost per square foot, tailored to your needs. This is the same type of overlay as mentioned above, simply a different application approach.

White / off-white carpet or tile would be a natural fit in this gorgeous bathroom. However, all of the issues mentioned above apply here as well. With a granite resurfacing approach, the flooring is a near-perfect match to the granite countertop and custom wall treatment.
There are endless options when it comes to exactly how you want your flooring to look like with granite overlay solutions. As previously mentioned, this is an easy to maintain alternative to new carpet, wood, or tile with grout that stains easily. When resurfacing, the granite is applied directly over the slab itself. No tear-out, no leveling, and a quick transformation. Colors and the “finish” are met to your exact vision. Lastly, to reiterate, you are looking at a lifetime solution at a low-cost, and quick installation time.
When it is time for you to change the look of your flooring in any room, consider the long-term benefits of the granite overlay approach. Rest assured, your investment is towards a true lifetime solution pays for itself from day one with the insurance that you will never need to replace it in the future.

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