Erase the Slab – Resurface Patios, Driveways, and Walkways

You love your home, but have stared at gray concrete slab for years (if not decades). What can you do to stand out from the crowd, and have a bright smile on your face every time you drive up or leave your house? Enter “slab resurfacing.”
Did you know that you have options to make your walking / driveway surfaces beautiful – at a reasonable cost. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t want that ‘pebble’ surface that everyone else has.” Don’t fret – you have options. Options you’ve never seen before, much less considered.
Textured Quartz overlay solutions are exactly what you’re looking for to bring life to your drab grey concrete. The best part is that you’re bringing your own vision to life, rather than choosing from a an image of color options for pebble spray solutions.
Open your mind – we’re going to think out of the box together using textured quartz overlays. For example, the following patio application:

That’s right – the image above illustrates a hand-carved textured quartz overlay. You choose the color(s), you choose the style, and the patio you’ve painstakingly started out for years is transformed into a masterpiece. Interested in a bit more high-end look for a patio? Have a look at this work of art by Cre8stone:

In the application above, the patio resurfacing was the beginning of an outdoor space completely transformed. The foundation of what was built, revamped into a comfortable and contemporary space that gave the owner excuses to endlessly entertain outdoors.
But what about slab resurfacing options beyond a patio, or a front porch? What about changing your driveway or walking surfaces into a heavenly beauty? Cre8stone has you covered as well there:

Absolutely gorgeous – and yes, this is applied over an existing slab, requiring absolutely no tear-out whatsoever.
Are you looking at these applications and wondering if there’s anything you can do to your change the area surrounding your pool and change it from ordinary to extraordinary? Yes, yes there is. Imagine a cookout next to your pool that looks like the following:

“Simple” pool, outlined in perfection, all with a simple quartz overlay solution. Now we’ve taken this simple area from “not” to “haute”
The possibilities are truly endless. You are transforming your home into the vision of what you didn’t know your dream could be. In a cost-effective manner. Very cost-effective.
By now, you’re almost sold on outdoor quartz overlay, but you have one remaining thought holding you back – “how long does this take to have applied?” The short answer – only a few days. Remember, we’re not rebuilding or remodeling, we’re resurfacing.
After you pick your jaw up off of the floor, imagine your home exterior completely transformed, as you can see by the photos above. Yes, your home can look like these applications, and to your exact vision. Quartz resurfacing should be the only option to consider at this point.
All of the dreamy upgrade solutions in this post were implemented by Cre8stone, and we’ve performed hundreds of other quartz overlay solutions – to wonderful customers who are beyond satisfied. In fact, they are left in disbelief of the beauty. That makes us ecstatic.


  1. Eileen Benson on January 21, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Thanks for explaining that slab resurfacing is an easy way to give our concrete unique and beautiful appearance for a reasonable price. My husband and I have discussed the idea of upgrading the concrete patio in our backyard to something more stylish. Your article made me excited to start looking for a concrete grinding contractor to prepare the patio for resurfacing!

  2. Faylinn on July 24, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    Your tip about how patio resurfacing can be the beginning of a completely transformed outdoor space. The other night I started talking to one of my friends who mentioned he is currently searching for resurfacing concrete services. He told me that he is hoping to fix up parts of his backyard and patio so he can create a more beautiful space and decorate it better.

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