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  • Avatar AJ Gerbers ★★☆☆☆ a year ago
    Hired them because they seemed professional. Worker was rude and messy. Dumped extra coating in my yard. Splattered walls … More and gutters. Owners note responsive with issues. Waste of money. Still have not fixed issues with the service. Joint sealant done then sprayed over with sealer everything sticks to it. No attention to detail. Have 1/2 inch or more lip into pool coping.
  • Avatar Terri Lucke ☆☆☆☆ 2 months ago
    At first I felt very comfortable and fully trusted them with the family home. They built a 12 x 40 patio with a built in … More area.
    Here is the Cret8 Stone’s job review: BEWARE
    One of their employees fell through the master bedroom ceiling (lucky he was not hurt)
    Result we still have the huge hole there, NEVER repaired .
    Pouring of foundation- NOT square or level, during the pouring period the concrete was splashed all over the brand new windows and screens.
    Results still NOT square or level, windows and screens on a brand new home is ruined- we repeatedly ask for this to be taken care, NEVER fixed and our windows STILL have concrete on them.
    The foundation and patio structure are not square and NEVER will be, I simply asked for them to saw cut the concrete back so it would at least look square. NEVER done
    The SPRAY STONE ( their specialty) they used is cracked, lifting and poorly done, at least 90% of it!! The product is slippery when wet, it was very clear from the start there was a jacuzzi being installed. It’s installed, having issues now because it’s NOT level and getting out is extremely dangerous!! I was told the product wouldn’t be slippery, it is slippery when wet, that’s a hilarious statement made by them.
    Results NEVER handled by the company!! We called for months and months, promised they were going to come out, NO SHOW for a year now!!!!!!
    The structure and exterior finishes were poorly done or never finished. Staining was never finished either!!
    We ended up finishing the actual fireplace ourselves. We waited for months, instead of getting service it was a run around.
    The front and back yard were destroyed, the neighbors yard and street was left in shambles. I was constantly cleaning up after them, hauling trash and everything.
    We had ordered some decorative metals to be installed, well we have nothing but plain cedar
    I can not tell you everything we have been through or that we are left with…..I WILL NEVER us this company or recommend anyone using them…I wished I could post pictures here so everyone can see their workmanship and job.
    They will promise you everything under the sun, just to get the sale. Anything they say, DO NOT count on them honoring any word……
    Their guys were constantly arguing and yelling at each other and there were a couple of times that their guys yelled at us. We called a reported the situation, again nothing handled. And we were the paying customer
    Well for us now, a year has come and gone and nothing is fixed. So we will spend more money trying to fix the mess we were left with!! If you are one of us, please report to the BBB so others aren’t left like this …….😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Avatar Debe PIlant ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Great work. Cre8 stoned the outside of our home. We love it! Also, they turned our concrete basement into a great family … More theater room! I could not believe how quickly it was completed. They were courteous and I would recommend them to anyone.