Dallas – A City of Stone Beauty

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

If you’ve lived in Dallas for any amount of time, you probably already know the city was founded in 1841.

Initially a frontier market town, nothing much remains of this pre-Civil War period other than a cabin near the courthouse and a few restored buildings at Dallas Heritage Village.

In 1872 and 1873, the rail-road came to Dallas. The town exploded into a “boomtown,” and by 1890, it was the largest city in Texas – and the largest inland cotton market. With this newfound prosperity, Dallas transformed from a town of wood cabins into one of stone and brick.

Some of those old buildings are still standing today. However, sadly, many have been lost, as Dallas has always been a forward-looking city.

Fortunately, our city still has some of the most beautiful stone buildings in the world. Even better, with Cre8stone at your side, you can transform your home or commercial property into one of them.

1. Adolphus Hotel

Photo taken from Marriott Website

Hotel Adolphus, often simply referred to as “The Adolphus”, was once the tallest building in Texas.

The building has a long, rich history, having been opened in late 1912 and overshadowed by the Magnolia Petroleum Building (now the Magnolia Hotel) in 1922, which took its place as the tallest building.

The building’s face is adorned with beautiful white marble detailing, with the lower and upper-most floors eschewing the exposed brick that makes up the rest of the facade.

2. Clements Hall

Photo taken from website

Formerly known as Atkins Hall, Clements Hall is one of Dallas’ more historic buildings. Built in the Georgian Revival architectural style and opened in 1915, the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in September 1980.

Similar to the Adolphus (above), Clements Halls flaunts exposed brick with white marbling.

3. Dallas Hall

Photo taken from The Daily Campus

Another building constructed in the Georgian Revival style (and also dedicated in 1915) is Dallas Hall.

However, that’s not the only thing the two buildings have in common – both were designed by the same architectural firm, namely Sheply, Rutan and Coolidge. And in 1978 – two years ahead of Clements Hall – Dallas Hall was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Situated on the Southern Methodist University campus, Dallas Hall has been home to classrooms, office space, a chapel, hamburger grill, post office and barbershop over the years.

While most of the building’s exterior is made of exposed brick, the white marble detailing and pillars attract the eye from afar. Once you enter the building, it’s transformed into a marvel of stone beauty.

4. Majestic Theater

Photo taken from the Majestic Theater website

The Majestic Theater is easily one of (if not the) most beautiful stone buildings in Dallas.

Steeped in history, the theater was built in 1920 and opened a year later as the Interstate Amusement Company’s flagship vaudeville houses built in the Renaissance Revival architectural style.

As gorgeous on the inside as it is on the out, The Majestic was (and arguably remains) the grandest of buildings on what used to be Dallas’ Theater Row, reminiscent of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris.

5. Hotel St. Germain

Photo from Forbes Travel Guide

Another strong contender for the position of “most beautiful stone building in Dallas” is the Hotel St. Germain.

A 1906 Victorian mansion still operating as a boutique hotel, the property continues to attract locals and tourists alike – not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its architectural beauty.

With white marble pillars, wrought iron balcony framework and large windows, there’s a bit of nostalgia for everyone when it comes to the Hotel St. Germain.

How Cre8stone Can Help You

Photo by Cre8stone

If you’re in love with the architectural beauty of a stone facade – or even the marbled detailing adorning many of the brick face buildings of Dallas, you’re in luck.

Cre8stone specializes in the restoration and renovation of buildings, with a focus on stonework.

Our unique, proprietary blend of limestone or quartz offers a superior quality to that provided by our competitors, thanks to our extensive experience. When you call on Cre8stone to give your home or commercial property a facelift, it’s quality guaranteed!

Rather than create a mess by tearing out the existing structure, which is a surefire way to disrupt your life, we apply an overlay.

This way, we not only save you money by doing away with an expensive demolition, but we save you a ton of time as well. In fact, most of our projects are completed within a few weeks at most. Often, it’s only a matter of days.

And we involve you, the customer, every step of the way. Rather than offer copy-paste stone overlay solutions, we meet with every home- and business-owner personally to discuss preferred style, coloring and pattern.

Our expert team then sets about molding and cutting your overlays to your exact specifications, so you’re guaranteed a unique, gorgeous new stone facade.

Why hesitate? Request a free estimate today and join the ranks of the most beautiful stone buildings in Dallas!

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