Before and After – Exquisite Overlay Resurfacing

multi colored stone work around pool

Need inspiration towards remodeling your home? Explore Cre8stone’s beautiful limestone and quartz overlay resurfacing solutions. For more beautiful examples of “before and after” upgrades, please visit our gallery. Get in touch with Cre8stone today to collaborate on ideas to transform your home into a work of art.

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Increase the Value of Your Home – The Kitchen

modern kitchen

Begin to raise your home value by 25% or more . . . The universal proven method to increase your home value is kitchen upgrades. Beyond the living room, the kitchen is the number two area of your house where time is traditionally spent. Not to mention the focus of where many of your family and guests are impressed with. You will want to start with countertops hands-down. The countertop is the key to the kitchen itself. Beyond flooring, the countertops take up the largest amount of square feet in

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Increase the Value of Your Home – Curb Appeal

large home exterior resurfacing

Exterior remodeling the outside of your home is easier and more cost-effective than you can possibly imagine …In our last post, we covered upgrading the look of your kitchen – the best upgrade you should start with to increase the value of your home. Now, let’s look at upgrading the outside of your house. Don’t worry, even major changes to your home’s curb appeal are easy options with limestone resurfacing techniques. Low cost. No messy “tear out.”You have so many options when remodeling the

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Increase the Value of Your Home – Patio, Walkways, and Pool Remodeling

four lounge chairs pool side

We’ve covered kitchen and homefront remodeling options to increase the value of your home via stone resurfacing, and now it’s time to look at upgrades to your outdoor areas such as patios, walkways, and surrounding pool surfaces. You may have a “drab slab” remaining from when your house was built, or perhaps an aging deck that needs a makeover. The good news is that you have a myriad of options.The example above is a complete transformation of a “standard patio” to an area you will want to use

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Increase the Value of Your Home – Flooring, Walls, and Fireplaces

white limestone fireplace

In our series on how to increase the value of your home, we’ve covered outdoor living spaces, kitchens, and homefront remodeling options via stone resurfacing. Now lets take a look at upgrades to your indoor areas such as floors, walls, and fireplaces. Flooring Remodeling IdeasAre your wood floors or carpet getting dated, or have they been ruined over time? You may look at traditional replacement, which can become extremely costly. Instead of that approach, look at remodeling options via

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Increase the Value of Your Home – Bathroom Beauty

yellow brown vanity remodel

In our series on how to increase the value of your home, we’ve covered a lot of ground – outdoor living spaces, kitchens, homefront remodeling, and interior upgrade options via stone resurfacing. In our final topic in the series, we’re going to close with another array of high-value low-cost bathroom remodeling designs.By far, the most utilized area within your bathrooms are the sink counters. No matter if you are in a new home or an older one, your bathroom(s) can be drastically transformed

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