Stone Remodeling and Resurfacing Without High Expense or Tear Out Concerns

Kennedale house with accents on front exterior

Science improves every year. The stone remodeling business is no different. Based out of Dallas Texas, Cre8stone’s innovative way of applying stone, with new construction and remodeling, is more efficient than “traditional” methods. Every job is a custom project where architectural detail is made easy with no tear out. Not to mention – cost effective compared to traditional solutions!Enter Cre8stone’s Expertise in Stone ApplicationsWith over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, Cre8stone was

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Home Upgrades Through Resurfacing Remodeling

green kitchen backsplash

Homeowners are looking for constant upgrades, to introduce “newness” back into their home, or increase to value for selling their property. If you are in this situation, what if I told you it could be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling? Enter Cre8stone solutions. A popular choice for homeowners is a granite or limestone (depending on the area of transformation) look and feel. Using resurfacing techniques, countertops and other surfaces, the outcome exceptionally mirrors

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Reurfacing Your Homefront With Endless Possibilities

grimsley entrance yellow limestone

Choosing to resurface over brick has become a very exciting way to update the look of your home.Resurfacing, rather than traditional remodeling (which includes messy tear-out), is becoming a common way to update the entire look of the exterior of your house. Perhaps your house is 50 years old, and you feel trapped with what you have. Don’t feel stuck – resurfacing allows you to greatly update the outdated brick with a completely new and modern feel. Best of all – it reflects your style. The

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Limestone and Quartz Resurfacing – Living Art

full house and walkway nice light remodel

Beyond a cozy and comfortable living space, there are two important facets to a wonderful home – beauty and value. And the former often translates into the latter. With limestone and quartz overlay applications, companies like Cre8stone are on the cutting edge of “re-work”, rather than redesign, providing beauty and increased value, at a fraction of the price of remodeling.Rather than expensive construction, messy tear-out, and long build times, resurfacing with quartz is limestone are truly a

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Erase the Slab – Resurface Patios, Driveways, and Walkways

You love your home, but have stared at gray concrete slab for years (if not decades). What can you do to stand out from the crowd, and have a bright smile on your face every time you drive up or leave your house? Enter “slab resurfacing.”Did you know that you have options to make your walking / driveway surfaces beautiful – at a reasonable cost. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t want that ‘pebble’ surface that everyone else has.” Don’t fret – you have options. Options you’ve never seen before,

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Designer Fireplaces: Don’t Remodel, Resurface

remodeled limestone fireplace

You detest the look of the “stock fireplace in your new home, or the one that you’ve lived in for years… it’s time to upgrade.When it comes to a new fireplace, you have two options – 1) Remodel, or 2) Resurface. Which is right for you? What if you could have a stunning new fireplace without tearing out your existing ones? Do you want to wait days for the installation to be completed? Forget traditional tear-out remodeling – enter fireplace limestone resurfacing. Limestone resurfacing is

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